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Law Enforcement Resiliency

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First responders give of themselves every shift. Dealing with human life, life challenges, crisis and critical incidents requires a lot from any first responder. The personal cost of first responder work affects every aspect of one’s life in some way. If the first responder are not intentional about self care the effect stress has upon their life is negative. This course will help bring a healthy understanding of resiliency, how it is expended in your everyday work and how to recover, heal and rebuild your resiliency when needed.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Introduction – What is Law Enforcement Resiliency?.
  • Families Are Affected
  • Black and White Thinking
  • Setting Your Beliefs Right
  • Exercise
  • Neural Pathways – Brain Work
  • Gratitude / Conclusion


"Just hearing the things brought up during this presentation helped me so much with self awareness and realizing where I go wrong."


This was very relevant to me & my job. A good reminder to take care of me so I can continue to help others better. Very good training on a topic most cops won't admit that they need.