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Course Description

Highly emotional and dysregulated individuals or situations are very difficult to deal with, regardless of the situation. At any time first responders may find themselves in a very emotionally charged situation. Having the right training and knowledge is critical in all situations and de-escalation skills is an essential tool to have in your bag of options. In this course first responders will learn how to be present with individual/s, be able to determine need and communicate calmly and effectively to reach the best possible outcomes on the streets.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Introduction
  • Building Rapport / Connecting
  • In a State of Crisis
  • Nuts and Bolts of De-Escalation
  • The Brain, Emotions and Logic
  • Body Language
  • Effective Communication
  • Nice People vs Difficult People
  • What is the Problem
  • Integrity
  • Conclusion


WENT WELL, PRESENTED WELL, THANK YOU. Great practical training to help cops hone their skills in dealing with the public in stressful situations.